• Accreditations: Accreditations are certifications of being qualified to accredit, attest or authorise the claims by the given entity (e.g owner of external owned address or smart contract wallet ).

  • Legal entities can be accredited to act as Trusted Issuers.

  • Authorisations:

    Permissions given to the owner having certain accreditations. for instance access to the banking services, transfers of the tokens to only certain addresses etc.


The following acronyms are used in the documentation:

  • SID: Source ID (the name of onchain KYC claims as a service)

  • TAO: Trusted Accreditation Organisation

  • EBSI: European Blockchain Services Infrastructure

  • SSI: Self-Sovereign Identity

  • DID: Decentralized Identifier

  • VC: Verifiable Credential

  • VP: Verifiable Presentation

  • VA: Verifiable Attestation

  • OIDC: OpenID Connect

  • SIOP: Self-Issued OpenID Provider

  • NP: Natural Person

  • LE: Legal Entity

  • TI: Trusted Issuer

  • eIDAS: Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services

  • GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation

  • JSON: JavaScript Object Notation

  • JWT: JSON Web Token

  • JSON-LD: JSON for Linked Data

  • VDR: Verifiable Data Registry

  • WCT: Wallet Conformance Testing


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