1.4 Carbon Credit & Green Bond


The European Union (EU) and other intergovernmental organizations have recently been taking steps to promote private sector investment in green energy development. The push for green energy is part of the EU’s commitment to reduce emissions and combat climate change. By encouraging private sector investment in green energy, the EU is seeking to make green energy solutions more economically viable and accessible to those who need them.

We implemented several initiatives to attract private sector investment in green energy. Firstly, the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) was introduced to promote the use of renewable energy sources and improve the framework for green energy investments. RED has enabled the EU to set out binding targets for renewable energy production, as well as providing incentives for private sector investments in green bonds.

With our green bond solutions, we introduced the Emissions Trading System (ETS), which is a carbon pricing system that places a cap on the amount of carbon dioxide that can be emitted by industries. By setting a price on emissions, this system incentivises businesses to invest in green energy solutions that will help them stay below the cap.


These initiatives have all helped to create a framework for private sector investment in green energy through blockchain, which is a necessary step in helping governments achieve their climate goals. By providing the right incentives for private sector investment, we can help to make green energy solutions more cost-effective and accessible, thereby helping to reduce emissions and combat climate change.

Our whitelabel platform seeks to revolutionize the global carbon and green bond market. It is a Web3 platform that will enable the conversion of carbon credits and green bonds into digital assets, with the aim of creating a transparent and liquid market.

We will allow for the fractionalization of carbon credits, allowing for easy access and trading of carbon credits on a global scale. Additionally, Desmo Labs will provide a suite of financial products, such as loans and derivatives, to help finance carbon reduction and removal projects. With Desmo Labs, the global carbon market will become more efficient and accessible, allowing for the growth and modernization of the carbon industry.

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