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Detailed description of the challenges that we address.
We solve the following issues which are persistent in the DeFi and Digital Identity space:
For Debond
  • Settlement for financial derivatives are time-consuming & costly
  • Crypto debt management & claims market is difficult to verify the authenticity of right.
  • Traditional OTC / DeX / AMM trading is not efficient for non-standard assets (such as financial derivatives, Intellectual Property, etc)
For Source.ID
  • Building compliance infrastructure for digital assets with a built-in KYC wallet solution.
  • KYC and AML compliance is tiresome and has significant centralization.
  • Currently, there exists no on-chain AML and KYC solution for DeFI protocols
  • The danger of the privatization of public power concerning other on-chain KYC solutions
  • Difficult to build trust when investing in a new company & technology
  • 1.1+ billion population have access to smart devices but don’t possess any ID
  • No functional property registration system and address in less developed countries
  • messages containing the payment instructions between financial institutions involved in a transaction
  • No "Crypto IBAN" needed to be created to identify wallet accounts across national borders