3.1 EBSI Conformant Wallet


The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) aims to leverage the power of blockchain for the public good. EBSI is an initiative of the European Commission and the European Blockchain Partnership.

Since EBSI does not offer its own user ID wallet but works with private sector providers to create many wallets that are compatible with its technology stack. D/Wallet is becoming one of the most innovative and promising wallet providers. D/wallet offers a Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) service with a mobile application, allowing users to take back control of their digital identity and securely exchange digital credentials. This ID wallet app is an essential component of the SSI experience. Now D/Wallet is turning our wallet into an EBSI conformant wallet and becoming part of a pan-European wallet ecosystem.

Check our latest compliance report for D/Wallet.

Verifiable Credentials Lifecycle

  • the Issuers of Verifiable Credentials;

  • the Holders of Verifiable Credentials (using the wallet);

  • the Verifiers of Verifiable Credentials.

Verifiable Credentials Type

Verifiable credential typeDescription

Verifiable ID

A Verifiable ID is a special form of a Verifiable Credential a that a Natural Person or Legal Entity can put forward as evidence of whom he/she/it is (comparable with a passport, physical IDcard, drivers-license, social security card, member-card…


Verifiable Diplomas are Verifiable Attestations which indicate that the owner has certain skills or has achieved certain learning outcomes through formal or non-formal learning context.

Student ID

An alternate identifier for the person.


Include 112 country code. This is a specification of the Verifiable Credential of the PDA1 document used by Posted workers in Europe which require this document as proof of their insured status

The EBSI WCT consists of 3 test scenarios:


Scenario 1: ONBOARD

That a user can successfully on-board on EBSI through the Wallet

Scenario 2: ISSUE

That a user can request a credential from an Issuer and download it to the Wallet

Scenario 3: VERIFY

That a user can present a credential to a Verifier

Credential issuance guidelines


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