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3. KYC-compliant Wallet

D/Wallet is a KYC-compliant wallet for managing digital identity and digital assets

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a type of mobile payment and digital identity management system that enables users to store, verify, and share financial and personal information securely.
It is a secure and convenient way to make payments, receive payments, and store and manage digital identity documents, such as passport and driver’s license information. It also offers additional features, such as transaction history, loyalty programs, and rewards.

What is D/Wallet?

It's a core external wallet solution that allows :
  • For receiving/transferring securities like bonds, tokenized assets and other operations (transferring to approved parties, the redemption of the tokens to retrieve the collateral).
  • Also it's an EBSI conformant wallet interoperable with pan-European ID.
D/Wallet is a KYC-compliant digital wallet, which is designed to be an EBSI-conformant Wallet, we build D/Wallet based on open specifications and standards from W3C. which include benefits from access to a large, connected ecosystem Participation & interoperability with European cross-border services to the Visibility & credibility with European players.
Linked to these investment management tools is the D/Bond wallet. Designed to manage users’ accounts and their ERC-3475 assets in a variety of ways, the wallet is crucial in our user engagement all through the bond trading process.
D/Bond wallet is a hot wallet. It allows users to store, read, buy, redeem, exchange, and transfer any ERC-3475 standard-based asset. Users can also store and manage multiple DIDs and SBT certificates and tokens in the same wallet and can use their wallet to securely authenticate to third-party services. With the wallet, users can manage their ERC3475 tokens and engage in secure transactions with ease.