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General overview about the company and services.


Desmo Labs (abbreviation D/LABS) is a software development and consulting firm building fully on-chain-based identification claims and tokenization solutions. The name "Desmo" is an ancient greek word that means "linking together", which corresponds to our aim in providing on-chain payments settlement and system (aka similar to web3-based "SWIFT" infrastructure), but providing benefits of decentralized and privacy-preserving KYC/KYB solution based on W3C compliant DID issued on-chain.
Our team comprises experts in the field of capital finance, Defi, and web3 developers that specialize in the development of uniform KYC solutions and tokenization to facilitate compliance and creating on-chain markets (like DEX's, AMM's etc) to negotiate any digital assets. We cater to both public and private sector entities with an aim to get the best adoption of Defi and traditional markets.
At the same time we strive to be opensource and community driven by:
  • Contributions in EIP-3475, EIP-5851 for creating standards for developers to build their own bond marketplaces and on-chain verifiable credentials.
  • Seminars with web3 communities like Developer DAO, lexDAO to collaborate with developers to build solutions on open sourced standards.
We provide 2 solutions in our Portfolio:
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    Debond: Its the whitelisted marketplace for bonds and tokenized assets, allowing companies and institutions to issue bonds (as debt ) fully on-chain (as ERC-3475 bond contract) and investors to invest in the derivatives and yield interest on the real-world asset class. as the conditions of the payback of the collateral and interest are defined fully on-chain at the time of issuance. also, holders of the bonds are able to redeem their bonds, transfer to other investors or sell in secondary markets.
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    Source.ID: Source ID provides the most compliant on-chain verifiable credentials solutions for E-identity issuance of public institutions and companies, also as a KYC aggregator Portal to help both individual and business entities to benefit from the reuse of KYC results with our Source.ID credentials. With EIP-5851 Ethereum Standards proposals and W3C DIDs, users can obtain Source.ID as a SoulBound token using the ZKP verification process to verify identity without reviewing any personal information. With built-in AML and KYC solutions with interface standards, allows on-chain identification verification and digital Signatures for universal authentication, and provides tamper-proof with verifiable credentials. Users can passports access their personal documents (like passport, credit scores, or other attestation, etc). our mission is to onboard users to get verifiable credentials for themselves, so as to provide equitable access to financial and government services.

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