1.7 List FTX Claim for sell


The D/Bond marketplace provides an innovative solution to holders of unsecured claims, such as those resulting from the FTX bankruptcy. It allows you to tokenize these claims and sell them, providing the opportunity to cash out your claim rather than waiting for the lengthy and uncertain liquidation process.

If you are an unsecured claim holder, using the D/Bond marketplace could offer you significant advantages, such as:

  • Secure: The D/Bond marketplace ensures a secure transfer process for your claim. As a seller, you are guaranteed to receive the agreed payment following a successful purchase transaction.

  • Immediate Liquidity: With D/Bond, you can tokenize and sell your unsecured claim, transforming an otherwise illiquid asset into immediate cash. This means you don't need to endure the long and uncertain waiting period typically associated with the liquidation process. For Mt. Gox claimants who've been waiting since 2014, this could offer a much-needed financial respite.

  • Certainty: In bankruptcy cases, unsecured claimants often end up receiving less than what they're owed, and in some unfortunate situations, nothing at all. By tokenizing and selling your claim on the D/Bond marketplace, you're no longer at the mercy of this uncertainty. You can receive a definitive amount up front rather than risking a smaller or nonexistent payout down the line.

  • Control: Utilizing the D/Bond marketplace, you regain control over your claim. You're not passively waiting for the resolution of the bankruptcy proceedings; instead, you're actively turning your unsecured claim into a more liquid and manageable asset.Importantly, you retain full control over your claim until the receipt of the purchase payment is confirmed. This setup safeguards your interests, ensuring that you're compensated before the claim changes hands. With D/Bond, you can transact with peace of mind, knowing the platform is designed to protect sellers throughout the process.

By using D/Bond, you can take charge of your unsecured claim and navigate the aftermath of bankruptcy proceedings with increased financial stability and peace of mind.

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