2.3 Verifiable Diploma & Certificat


The diploma and professional certificat can be digitally signed by the issuing institution, thereby providing an additional layer of verification and trust. This approach can also help to protect the integrity of the diploma, as any alteration of the diploma can be detected easily. Furthermore, the on-chain diploma can be used to identify the individual in various contexts, such as for employment or to access services.

The technology offers a powerful system for educational institutions to store and verify diplomas. Is possible to securely manage the data related to an individual's degree, such as the student's name, the type of degree, the institution granting the degree, the date of the degree, and any other relevant information. This data can then be accessed and verified by employers, universities, and other institutions to ensure the authenticity of the degree, making it easier and faster to authenticate the qualifications of individuals. In addition, it could help to prevent fraudulent diplomas from being produced, as the blockchain-based system ensures that the diploma is only accessible to the intended recipient.


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