1.7.4 Claim Registration -Provide Supporting Documents

To streamline the process of selling your claim and to get the most competitive offers, it's recommended that you provide as much documentation as possible to support your claim. While not all these documents are compulsory, providing them can help achieve a more accurate estimate of your claim's value, thus potentially fetching better prices.

Here are the documents you may need:

  1. Customer Number or Scheduled Claim Number: If available, this information from Debtors/Kroll or similar entity would help establish your claim's authenticity.

  2. Proof of Claim: If applicable, this document serves as evidence of your claim against the debtor.

  3. FTX Account Funding Confirmation Emails: Copies of all emails confirming your FTX account funding.

  4. Account Statement: A statement or screenshot showing your FTX Account balance(s) and any amounts owing to you as of the bankruptcy filing date.

  5. Other Documentations: Any other documents evidencing the nature of your claim against FTX, such as terms of use, loan documents (if applicable), etc.

  6. Supporting Data or Records: Any third-party data, internal records, or other correspondence that supports your claim amount and account transaction history.

  7. Account Transaction Report: A report showing all account transactions within the 90 days prior to the bankruptcy filing date. Please provide this in .xls or .csv format, along with any corresponding emails/screenshots and API output data (if available).

  8. Potential Claim Impairments: Any information that could affect the value of your claim, including any relationships separate from your Account Holder agreement (e.g., employment with or equity ownership in any of the Debtors).

  9. Preferred Transaction Parameters: Details about any specific preferred transaction parameters or requirements you have in connection with selling your claim.

By providing complete documentation, you're demonstrating the validity and value of your claim, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

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