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For developers: Checkout the reference implementation of ERC-3475 in the following repositories:

For ERC-5851, you can refer to EIP description:

Also read our blog for more detailed articles about the development of whitelableling and onchain KYC solution:

Also links to the seminars with the developer community:

Some of the community members that are building solution on top of ERC-3475 and ERC-5851 standards:

  1. is the crosschain dex based primarily on filecoin VM, integrated ERC-3475 standards for creating bonds on top of vaults that generate yield thanks to crosschain strategies.

Eventually in Q1/Q2 2023, we will add more resources from the developers that are building on top of and debond protocol.

Having an interesting use case in mind and need technical help to integrate your solution with D/Bond, you can:

  • Ask questions on the discord channel (under #dev-talk)

  • Or organise a call with Dhruv for urgent queries or scheduling demonstration of your usecase.

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