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A page consisting of quick links to sections describing our services(D/Bond and Source.ID).
Welcome to the Desmolabs documentation. here we give a brief overview of the services we provide and the documentation of the technical services.
Following is the index of the documentation. Readers can skip to any of the following sections based on their need.

1. Introduction

​About Desmo Labs​
This covers the description about the company and the services, terms regarding the financial securities and Blockchain-based identity so that readers (either the developers or users of our services) can understand better our services.

2. Use cases description:

​6. DAO Management​
This section describes the services that we offer, with detailed diagram describing the workflow of some example usecase.

3. Developer & API:

This Section defines the specifications for the developer to create their own smart contracts by inheriting the standards for tokenization of securities (ERC-3475) or assigning onchain verifiable claims (ERC-5851).
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